Sunday, July 29, 2012

Episode 15 - Mortal Kombat

Download Episode 15 - Mortal Kombat

Brand new theme song that the boys never even bring up once in the episode. It's like it never even happened.  They decide they feel like recording the podcast while playing Mortal Kombat. So they move all the microphones and recording equipment into the living room with the giant flat screen.  Nostalgic stories about getting your first video game system. Video game talk. The only good reason to have divorced parents was having a Sega and one house, and a Nintendo at the other!  Special guest in studio, Logan the "Bitch Mouth." So memorize those finishing moves, shit's about to be ON!  This episode was fun as hell to do!


  1. Fuck yeah donkey kong. Donkey Kong Returns for Wii is baaaaaaadaaaaasssss.